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Students choose the online MBA from Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University because it is academically rigorous, intellectually challenging, and has been shown to improve students’ career prospects in a big way.

They also like how flexible it is. No other MBA gives you as much freedom as this one. You can study whatever you want, whenever you want. You can start and stop when you want.

Our MBA focuses on the most important areas of management, such as economics, making good financial decisions, leadership, marketing, people skills, project management, and strategy.


Duration of a degree

Each course requires about 200 hours of studying. On average, it takes four years to finish a full MBA, but it can be done quicker or take longer. You can set your own pace by starting or stopping your studies whenever it works best for you. Your schedule is always first.

Online education delivery
Our advanced course materials are available online through our virtual learning environment (VLE). Through videos, webinars, articles, journals, assessments, and discussion boards, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) connects you to our expert professors and course materials.
With us, you can take your exams whenever and wherever you want, and you only pay for one at a time. You can choose when to take your exams, and if you need to change your schedule, that’s not a problem either.
For more information about the structure, resources, and support of online MBA programs, please visit learning delivery and support Pages.


Student support

Even the smartest and most sure of themselves students sometimes need a little help. Whether you study online from home or with a learning partner, our teachers and other students are always there to help. Optional online tutoring and review sessions, as well as tests, practice essays, collaborative discussion forums where you can talk with students from all over the world, and tools that help you track your progress through the course materials, are all ways to get more help. We also offer online help through our very popular; Facebook community

Course content

The MBA teaches you about many different aspects of management, giving you the skills and knowledge you need to move up in your career.

The degree is made up of seven required courses and two electives. The way a course is graded is by a written test and/or written coursework.


  • Delivering Successful Projects
  • Developing and Executing Strategy
  • Economics for Business
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Leadership, Theory and Practice
  • People, Work and Organisations
  • Strategic Marketing


  • Advanced Financial Decision Making
  • Corporate Governance
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Derivatives
  • Entrepreneurial Venturing
  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Making Strategies Work
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Negotiation
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Research Methods for Business 
  • Strategic Risk Management


Detailed degree guide
Understanding, Knowledge and Cognitive Skills
At the level of the program, participants will learn the following:

Gain a detailed and critical understanding of relevant concepts, theories, and principles in core management

# Show leadership in professional situations by being able to think of, analyze, and solve complex business and management problems and issues.

# Gain professional-level insights into fast-changing international business environments and suggest ways for organizations to deal with and take advantage of these changes.

# Combine ideas from different areas of management, analyze complex situations, and come up with creative, long-term solutions to the strategic and operational problems that organizations face.
Scholarship, research, and asking questions (Research Informed Learning)
The learning model and curriculum actively encourage students to develop and use what they’ve learned in their own jobs and in business and management in general.

Different ways to teach and learn

The Edinburgh Business School MBA is a practical program for working professionals. It gives them the chance to think about their own work using the latest management theory. The program is made to be a mix of theory and practice, and real-life examples and case studies are emphasized in the classes.

The MBA is made up of separate modules that can be taken in any order. It is delivered in a flexible way, using a learning model instead of a teaching model, and each course is made for self-study. All courses are built around a full online offering that has all the learning materials and instructions students need to finish their studies successfully. One of the most important parts of this is giving students the chance to work together as part of a global multicultural learning community.

In addition to online learning, different ways to study offer students a range of services that add value to their learning. There is access to live, cohort-based instruction on campus or with an Approved Learning Partner, and all students in all modes have access to synchronous online instruction.

From September 2021, professionals in the middle of their careers will be able to study part-time for 24 months in Edinburgh for an Executive MBA. The program is a mix of online study, intensive workshops, and planning for personal growth. It ends with a capstone business project that is linked to the student’s own organization.

Through certain partnerships, the MBA is available in languages other than English. Under the program code H149-MLN, you can find out more about the non-English services.

Assessment Policies
Except for the two courses on starting a business and the project, all courses are tested by written exams. There are objective questions, case studies, and essays, when they make sense. All courses are tested three times a year, during the two semesters and the summer break at Heriot-Watt University.
All courses have a 50% pass mark.

For an award, a candidate must pass all of the required course units. Candidates who fail a course can take it again once.

Those who finish with an average score of 70% or more and no exam failures will get an award with distinction. Those who finish an award with an average grade between 60% and 69% and don’t fail any exams will get an award with Merit.

For H11PJ, H11EN, H11EV, and H11BP, the only way to get a grade is to do coursework. One chance to re-evaluate is allowed (coursework re-submission).
The core MBA courses and some electives can be taken in Chinese and Russian through collaborative partners. More information is available under the programme code H149-MLN.


Fees and funding Tuition fees.

View: fees for this course.


Grants and scholarships
Every year, the Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University offers a number of scholarships and discounts to help students get one of our awards.

Entry requirements

Most of the time, you will need a degree with a first or second class honors or a professional qualification that is equivalent. Students whose first language is not English and who have not been taught English before must show proof that they can speak, read, write, and understand English. You can also get official entry by passing three MBA courses, at least one of which must be a core course.

Previous research that paid off.
If you already have a degree in a relevant field before you start your online Edinburgh Business School program, we may be able to let you skip some courses as a reward for your hard work.
We only give these exemptions when we decide to, and we only look at qualifications that were earned through formal testing, like a degree or a professional body.

The qualification that is being looked at should have been earned in the last five years. Qualifications earned more than five years ago may be taken into account if you can show through CPD that you have kept up with new developments in the field.

If you have a bachelor’s degree or professional qualifications, you may not have to take core courses. Core and elective courses can be skipped if you have a postgraduate qualification or a professional qualification (but not a fully completed degree).

No exemptions will be given for courses that were taken as part of another Master’s degree, whether that degree was from Heriot-Watt University or some other school. For example, a student with an MSc in Accounting will not be exempt from Accounting in the MBA or MSc degree programs at Edinburgh Business School.

Eligibility for an exemption
If you want to find out if you are eligible, please fill out an,Exemption application form.

Why go to Edinburgh Business School?


flexibility and affordability 

Study at your own time and pace, and even while you’re at work. HW Online has pay-as-you-study courses with fees that include exams and study materials, so you can focus on doing well and not worrying about extra costs.

Online Tutorial and Revision sessions 

We offer live tutoring and review sessions with tutors from our global network of teaching partners who have a lot of experience. You can choose the session that fits your needs best, in terms of time of day, length of time, and how it is set up.

You Career 

Employers from all over the world want to hire our graduates because they are ready to work. All of our degrees are focused on careers and meet the needs of the business world. Within six months of graduating, about 95% of our students are either working or going to school again.

Online events

Throughout the year, we hold online events where you can talk to our academic teaching staff, meet students, find out what it’s like to study using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and learn how to sign up.

Life long connection

When you finish your studies, you will automatically become a member of The Watt Club, which is the oldest alumni group in the UK and has 147,00 members all over the world.


Study option for Malaysia-MBA master of business Administration:

You can also study for our MBA Master of Business Administration at our campus in Malaysia.

Study options Dubai- MBA master of business administration.

You can also study for our MBA Master of Business Administration at our campus in Dubai.

for more MBA scholarships details visit the official website; MBA scholarships.

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